Dr. Dyer is Not Sexy

“Dr. Dyer… Dr. Dyer… To the sanctuary stat.”


There’s a difference between PBS and DayStar. There used to be a difference between PBS and DayStar.

PBS: Public television which usually broadcasts thought-provoking, intelligent programming, contrary to the shit you see on other television shows.

DayStar: A Christian television network which broadcasts preaching preachers who ask for your money.

Whenever their splendid friend Dr. Dyer comes on PBS, I have to wonder if poltergeists are screwing with my remote.

“This program is not based on any particular religion… we all have to agree that we come from the same ‘source’, even quantum physics says that we come from the same ‘source’.”

Of course. Quantum physics. New Age philosophers love it to death. They certainly don’t love science to death, though. They just love twisting it to their half-baked philosophies. If you really want to look to physics for meaning, you will find an unconscious, indifferent universe, operating only on its own laws. But honestly, just because he doesn’t jump the gun and say that this “source” is Yahweh, Quetzlcoatl, or the Great JuJu doesn’t mean that his program isn’t a period of preaching and asking for money.

Later, he makes an analogy of a pie and a slice of pie. “What are you” says the larger pie. “I must be like what I came from” says the slice. I don’t have to be in elementary school to get that he’s saying we came from God… and of course he says that we came from something kind and sensitive and yadda and yadda and yadda. Again, no. We came from unconscious, indifferent forces. Just getting that clear because he tried to say quantum physics proves we have a source.

He says that our ego is what keeps us from believing that we are a “divine, infinite being” and causes us to ignore our source. Personally, I would not want to be like my source. My source, though fun to study, would cease to be fun to study if I weren’t conscious as I wouldn’t be able to study it. Besides, my source is uncaring, and natural selection is a rather violent, death-filled process. I hope you don’t mind if I prefer to be an individual and define myself. The philosophy that this is all a punishment for believing we were individuals in the first place has got to be one of the evilest of them all.

He rambles about how if you wake up between the hours of 3:00 am and 4:00 am, that’s when God can give you inspiration best. Boring…

He returns to distorting science, talking about how Relativity is an analogy (I wish that Albert Einstein could rise from the dead and slap him upside his bald head for screwing with his elegant theory). Somehow, from some confused further ramblings about energy, he comes to the conclusion that we attract things we don’t want because we have negative thoughts. He says that what we attract is because of what kind of “energies” we have in us. He tells us that our universe opperates on a “Law of Attraction”. In other words, he has shifted to his “Power of Intention” shit.

What’s that phrase our parents should have taught us? Wanting does not make it so.

Granted, certain thoughts will lead to action which can lead to change but…

“I don’t need to be fussing about it because what I’m intending to create is on its way.”

“By believing passionately in that which does not exist, we create it.”

I’m too pissed right now to guffaw.

And… of course… they cut to fund raising…

“Public television to me, represents energy…”

I’m reminded of what he said the last time they had his shit on for fundraising.

“Whenever you have public television on in your home, you’re raising the energy level in your home.”

If I hear this man ramble about energy one more time…

If you want a meaningless example of PBS raising the energy in your home, PBS is carried in by radio waves which are translated into sound and light energy. Again, that’s meaningless. The energy itself is unconscious.

Later, he begins talking about a woman who discovered God during the Rwandan massacre. He says that she was astounded that she had survived through her mere belief in God. Typical of the religious… Millions died, but I survived. It’s a miracle! How many other Christians who had as strong, or stronger, faith did not have the fortune to survive?

At this point, I was tired of watching him eat people’s brains. I think I’ll send an angry letter to PBS and ask them to put Cosmos back on.

I love everything on PBS except for this… and if it weren’t for this, I would be donating quite a bit of money to them. I need to make that clear to them. The first thing I do if/when I get rich is build a giant atrium filled with dinosaur fossils, and become a major donor to PBS so that I can pull funding whenever they put this guy back on.


4 responses to this post.

  1. Maybe their plan is to put on bad programming just so people will pay them to make it stop.

    Seriously, people abuse quantum theory so much it’s disgusting.

  2. Whenever I see Wayne Dyer on pbs I know it’s nap time…

  3. Good one, Elles! I share your disgust for the New-Age abuse of the term ‘quantum’.

  4. Posted by Janet Camp on July 17, 2008 at 9:03 pm

    You must know this by now, but PBS (Plenty Bullshit Station) had the Crystal Skill program on the other night! It wasn’t even “pledge”. I had to turn it off I was so disgusted. I don’t own a t.v. for this reason. Years ago PBS was my refuge, but there is now way too much pledge, way too much woo-woo. Even NOVA, etc., have been dumbed down. Anything decent falls prey to ENDLESS reruns. I’m staying somewhere so thought I’d tune in, but, alas–same old crap.

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