On Dawkinswatch (Again)

I feel bad about not responding to this sooner, so I’m devoting a blog entry to it.

From Dawkinswatch:

“I put up a prove me wrong thread a few days back here and I have received a youtube response from Splendid Elles saying that she did not see any results.I went to South West China and they asked God to come and they got drunk in the Holy Spirit.

I think Splendid Elles attitude needs to be fixed first then she can have better results plus these Chinese Christians are risking their dear lives because the Atheists calling themselves Communists, will not have anyone choosing to believe the Truth.

Splendid Elles I said that Sam Harris was a New Ager darling, not Dawkings who is just a facilitator of the New Age by being a fellow horseman with Harris. They really need to sit down and decide whether they are materialists, mystics or both.

Splendid one, surely you know that Communists want to destroy all religions? Well, I do not see why if Dawkin is against all religions, he cannot be a Communist or at least a closet sympathiser with the atheist World Revolutionists? At least they share a common hatred for Jesus, Church and all Religion.”

So… I left the following comment.

“I should Google myself more often so I know when you people say these things. Here’s my (late) response.

First off, I thought that a bad attitude would be added incentive for Jesus/God/Holy Spirit to come to me and prove me wrong. If you really want me to try again and be all mannerly, I’ll do it, but I’m not recording another video. I’ll tell you the results.

Moving on…

Um… Being half Chinese, I have relatives in China… therefore I go to China rather often.

China is a communist country… in name only. There’s quite a lot of capitalism going on there now, which is part of the reason why their economy is surpassing us. Last time I went there, I saw several Bibles (CNN claimed the sale of the Bible was banned in China) in the government-run Xin Hua book store, several well-above-ground churches (in fact, my mum’s old middle school had been demolished many years ago so that they could build a church), etc.

So no, Christians really aren’t all that oppressed there (though the Chinese government is still oppressive about other things, but it’s not as bad as it was during the Cultural Revolution)… However, it is true that Chairman Mao did not think too highly of religion. I disapprove of forcing beliefs or forcing people not to believe, and I am a supporter of freedom of religion (if we didn’t have freedom of religion, I wouldn’t have justified freedom from religion).

Though it is a fact that Marxists did not think highly of religion, it’s still a big leap between Richard Dawkins not thinking highly of religion and being a Chinese communist. Just because two people agree on one thing, doesn’t mean they agree on everything. That’s what we call a logical fallacy.

I did not say that you said that Dawkins was a New Ager (did I?). I can’t check the video right now, but I think that you said that he was part of some New Age invasion, yes? No? I could be wrong…”

By the way, if any of my three regular viewers see any of this stuff in the future, a notification would be appreciated so that I can respond to it. Thanks in advance.


One response to this post.

  1. I’m a regular viewer, but not a regular viewer of Dawkinswatch and I don’t plan to become one, so you’re on your own!

    Nice response; I do like that he called you “Splendid one”, though.

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