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I Got Accused of Being a Nazi Today

This was written more for my Speech & Debate teacher who wanted a written account of why I had started crying in class today, but it tells all.

Today in History, we were talking about Jim Crow. This got me on a chain of thought about the KKK, which got me on a chain of thought about Hitler, and eugenics. Though these first two sentences seem unrelated to what upset me in class today, I find it much more thorough to describe all the events leading up to it, and it sounds better to start out in History class than it is to say that I was thinking about eugenics for no particular reason.

Anyway, I was thinking about eugenics and why, ultimately, it failed. Obviously, it’s unethical, and racist. Highly esteemed people like Ben Stein also like to say that the idea of eugenics came from Darwin’s theory of evolution. But as I was thinking about it, I realized that the racist part of eugenics was group selectionist.

Group selection is an out dated theory that says that groups with certain traits are selected against other groups, in the same way that individuals are selected against other individuals. An example would be a tribe that has individuals within it who are inclined towards martyrdom. This tribe would win more battles against other tribes, and would become more dominant. However, if an individual in this tribe did not possess a genetic tendency towards martyrdom, they would survive longer and produce more off spring, and group selection therefore did not work. The publication of The Selfish Gene in 1976 effectively debunked group selection and stressed that it was the genes of individuals that were being selected. Nowadays, if a biologist tries to use group selection as an explanation of something they (usually) get laughed at.

I found great humor in Hitler’s use of group selection in his eugenics projects (which I now realize is really not something to be laughed at) and, knowing that Ilana had read the same book that I had, knew that she would understand the joke of saying “Hitler was a group selectionist.” After all, creationists love to say that Hitler got his ideas for eugenics from Darwin, and therefore evolution should not be taught. If you say that Hitler got his ideas from group selection, it makes the whole thing look even sillier.

So, I waited until 8th period, when I remembered that I wanted to remind myself to tell her that I had had an amusing (like I said, it doesn’t seem quite as amusing now) thought and I said “Ilana, today in History, I realized that Hitler was a group selectionist.” She giggled a bit, as was expected, but Matt also heard it, and not knowing what group selection is (not that anybody else in that class of highly well informed freshmen knew what I meant by group selection) thought that I was saying that Hitler was good.

The “Lucia is a neo-Nazi” meme spread like wild fire in that corner of the classroom, and I tried my best to correct the assumption. The fact that I had started laughing partly at the original joke, partly at the stupidity of the classroom, did not help much.

Comments ranged from “Lucia! I’m Jewish! I take offense to that,” to, “Don’t bring Esserman into this! He’s Jewish too!”

Lindsey perked up, gave me a very cold look and said very soberly “That is so inappropriate, talking about Hitler like he’s a good person.”

Part of the reason why I took greater offense to this is I suspect that Lindsey is judging me for my religion, or lack thereof. I cite the time I confronter her about not opening the door for us. I said, “I’m just philanthropic like that.” She replied “No. You don’t believe in God because you think that you’re smarter than everybody else. That’s not being philanthropic, that’s being selfish.” Despite the lack of connection between being egotistic (I try not to be) and altruistic behavior, she got complimented by several people in that corner of the room for the comment.

However, it did almost seem like she was perking up because she has been convinced by the good ‘ol “Hitler was an Atheist!” propaganda… I’m skeptical that this is the reason she demonstrates such behavior towards me, however, and I can’t exactly prove it. But, I don’t even recall having a conversation with Lindsey prior to that point when she said I was selfish for not believing in God. I can’t really think of any other reason why she seems to hate me.

But what really set me off was that I’m stuck in this vast sea of ignorance, filled with waves of intolerance. It’s not the prolonged exposure to it that has been bothering me so much lately as to cause me to break down like I did. It’s just that I’ve been consciously acknowledging it more. After all, I did just get a book on anti-intellectualism.

If all I had to do to get accused of being a neo-Nazi was not believe in God (again, that’s not necessarily the reason) and breathe the word ‘Hitler’ along with another word that people don’t understand… It’s just depressing.

I don’t think that I really need to leave my Speech & Debate class just because of this. I just need to figure out a new way of coping. Yes, it’s tempting to just get my GED, drop out, and go to college… but I couldn’t exactly get into a place that would be more intellectually friendly like that. Maybe Metro… probably not CU… and I definitely could not get into a highly selective university like that…

I Think I’ve Seen This Scam Before…

My first video blog post! I hope it becomes clear why if/when you watch it…

Note: At the time of writing this, the video is not playing the middle part. I don’t know if this is just a problem for me, but I’m trying to fix it…

What the Hell is a Fundamentalist Atheist?

I have just gone through the two most stressful weeks of my life… I call them studying and taking final exams. How I made it out of there without a spontaneous conversion to Christianity is a miracle of Biblical proportions.

Anyway, I have those out of the way and I’m looking forward to enjoying this three-day weekend (I wish it were longer), and I haven’t been posting much recently because of above reason, so, I’m going to write a post now.

So I haven’t exactly been hearing the term an increased amount lately, but I think I’ve heard it one time too many, and despite my many rants on why I’m not a ‘militant’ Atheist, I don’t think I’ve spent enough time addressing these… terms… These terms which I feel are inaccurate, and which don’t make sense anyway.

A Fundamentalist Christian is a Christian who believes that every part of the Bible should be taken literally and followed to the letter (including the parts about stoning blasphemers). A Fundamentalist Muslim believes every part of the Koran should be taken literally, it’s hard to be a Fundamentalist Pastafarian because the Gospel of the Flying Spaghetti Monster says that you don’t have to follow every rule to the letter, but you get the picture…

But Atheists don’t have any text-document telling them what they have to believe. All that one has to do to be an Atheist is to not believe in God (the dictionary says that you have to have faith in there not being a God… the dictionary is flawed). So, really, to be a Fundamentalist Atheist, you simply have to not believe in God… doesn’t that make ALL Atheists Fundamentalist Atheists?

Just where is the line drawn? What constitutes a Fundamentalist Atheist?

If you’ve got an answer to that question, please share it with me. I am genuinely confused.

Otherwise, it would be prudent to not use that term anymore since you obviously don’t know what it means.

While you’re at it, if you’ve got a definition of a Fundamentalist Atheist, please tell me how you apply it to Dan Dennett, Christopher Hitchens, Richard Dawkins, and Sam Harris. What’s so fundamentalist about them writing books?

I hath spaketh my mind.

I Feel Satirical

This is in response to the 12 counties in Florida that now have anti-evolution resolutions.

I want to express my admiration for those concerned parents and school board members in their continuing fight against scientific orthodoxy, who have been applying pressure on the school boards in Florida to allow their children the right to hear all sides of the story.

We must take this as an opportunity to further the cause of ridding schools of scientific orthodoxy, and continue fighting the enemy and their constant attempts to push their bleak, materialistic view upon our children.

As a student in a Chemistry Honors class, I am appalled to find that our textbook is laced with references to atoms.

The atomic theory of matter is called the atomic theory of matter for a reason. It’s only a theory, not a fact…

They claim that they’ve conducted numerous experiments to prove the existence of atoms, but how can they be sure that their experiments are correct? Satan could be fooling them into thinking that the results they’re getting are true. After all, evidence is subjective.

And yet, my textbook and teacher continue to prat along about these atoms as if there were mountains of empirical evidence for them!

I propose that we teach, instead, Empedocles’ alternative theory of the four elements (earth, air, water, and fire), or, at least, give equal time to Aristotle’s four elements and the atomic theory of matter. After all, this is America! The land of the free! We are a democracy, and we should treat all things with equality, including scientific theories.

While I’m at it, I find it absurd that they still teach the germ theory of disease in Biology classes. Equal evidence can be given that diseases are induced, not by pathogens, but by demons and spirits, as mentioned in the Bible. Just as the evil minions of scientific orthodoxy are pushing God out of the creation, they’re pushing evil out of the cause of disease.

Our children must be aware that if they succumb to the influences of Satan, they will be punished with disease. If they believe that it’s not their fault that they are ill, our society will fall into anarchy, just as if they believe they are animals, they will behave like animals.

So what if you can see bacteria underneath a microscope? You still have to prove that it’s the bacteria that cause the disease. For all we know, God could have just put the bacteria there because He was bored… just like how he left vestigial appendages in us and other animals. He is probably testing our faith.

And in Astronomy, I can not help but notice that they teach us the heliocentric (sun-centered) model of the Solar System. There’s no end to the thirst of the evil minions of scientific orthodoxy’s conspiracy to push God, philosophy, evil, and the divine status of man out of the science curricula of our children.

While all these “scientists” make fun of creationism for not standing up to common sense, my common sense plainly tells me that the sun revolves around the earth and not vice versa!

Instead they give us this outrageous model that says that the earth is moving! How is it that when I’m in a moving car, I can feel myself moving, yet here I am on this planet, and I feel perfectly stationary?

Plus, if our children learn that they are not at the center of the universe, just think what effect that will have on their self-esteem! If they do not believe that man is the center of the universe, they won’t feel all chosen-by-God and special anymore!

These hypocrites need to be put in their place!

March onward, soldiers of God. Rage against scientific orthodoxy. Rage against it!


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