On Astrology

For those of you who don’t know, Astrology is the theory that “cosmic energy” from the planets, stars, moon, and sun makes a person who they are and affects your luck. Too bad psychology never borrowed ancient wisdom from these people! In case it’s not obvious enough, the way it really works is some random person sits on their fat ass and makes up some bull shit that’s vague enough that it could apply to anyone.

I’d like to point to what was on the front page of MSN today when I logged in to check my e-mail (still haven’t gotten round to doing that) where they normally put their articles and news.


At the top it says “All about YOU in 2008! Click on your sign.”

I’d like to point out the major problem with horoscopes here… There are 12 signs, and 6 billion people in the world. MILLIONS of people have the same sign. Is it possible for MILLIONS of people to go through the exact same things everyday because of their horoscope? Answer: It’s cleverly worded and vague enough that you don’t always get blatant contradictions, but no. It’s not possible. I think that’s enough to debunk the entire page right there.

I think I’ll continue though. I have the same birthday as Douglas Adams (March 11) so we must have been exposed to similar cosmic energy. Therefore, according to astrology, Douglas Adams and I are the exact same person! Anybody who idolizes Douglas Adams and believes in astrology should send all the fan mail they didn’t get to send before his early demise (mourns briefly) to me!

But again, do I have the exact same personality as Douglas Adams? I never knew the man personally, I’ve read his books, but I think not.

I especially love it when horoscopes say something like “Mercury has begun moving backwards.” See, in 3rd grade, we took Astronomy (OK, yeah… I learned this long before the 3rd grade), but even though that was 6 years ago, I still vividly remember learning that the planets move forward in constant motion… and that the sun was the center of the Solar System.

That’s right, folks. Astrology was developed in a time when geocentricism was the norm. How right could they be about anything else?

And while Astronomy still makes new discoveries and advances forward, Astrology remains as scientific as anybody living about 3,000 years ago could be…

‘Nuff said.


3 responses to this post.

  1. Astrology is one of my biggest pet peeves. Intellectuals I know and otherwise respect buy in to that garbage and suspend their logic skills when I challenge them on it. Some just do it for fun, but far too many think it is realistic.

  2. of a fire on the moon

    of fox fire and will o the wisp

    of misty mornings an sod grass

    of rising before the dawn

    of moonfire

  3. Posted by horoscop on July 6, 2010 at 4:05 pm

    Yes I agree with you! In this case the horoscope is exactly as you said, I can’t understand why other people consider it differently. Anyway It doesn’t matter and I wish succes with your blog!

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