Like I Said… I Don’t Censor

So, all I can do is respond to the occasional comment.

“If you had bothered to read the entire book, The Hundred Year Lie,
and not just the Introduction, you would not have drawn such
strange and outlandish misrepresentations of the book as you
did in this blog entry.”

You’re quite right. I did not read the whole book… yet. I’d like to think that I didn’t deny that. And you’re right. I did assume that the Introduction contained the thesis of the book. As you may recall, what got me reading the Introduction of the book anyway was the comments I had heard about it from my mum’s office mate, so that may have biased my inferences of what the author was saying.

“To make such statements as “This guy seems to think that modern science should be thrown out the window” …and…”he begins by blaming prescription
drugs on weight gain and tumors” (among at least a dozen examples I could cite)”

Well I was genuinely curious about the connection between prescription drugs and tumors. However, I would like to point out that I was not arguing against his claims about potentially harmful chemicals being around us. The main point of my post was that while he was talking about going to see chiropractors to get your kidneys realigned, I think we should improve science in the areas that appear to be causing harm, if they are causing harm. I didn’t argue against that part because, like you said, I didn’t read the whole book and, therefore, could not have seen whatever evidence was to be presented. However, I can point to evidence for many alternative medicine cures that says that they don’t work. Ooh… I hope it doesn’t seem like I’ve generalized too much there (my over-generalizing would appear to have caused this vicious response). Of course I don’t think that all alternative medicine doesn’t work. But if you’re going to point to a problem that appears to be caused by lack of scientific testing and you recommend that we solve it by using stuff that has been tested even less… Get it now maybe?

“… calls into question your sense of fairness and discernment.”

Wait… did I just check the approval box on this comment?


One response to this post.

  1. You’re a very clever girl. I’m impressed with how you think and write. Keep up the good fight, let me know if you ever need anything.

    If you’re on Facebook, visit You’ll find like-minded friends. =)

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