I Didn’t Know I Had a Spam Filter

Seriously, I didn’t. I have a no censorship policy on this blog so I’ll approve it, no matter how insane it sounds, as long as the person actually has a point to make (in other words, if you’re trying to sell something, go away. If you want to argue with me, I’m perfectly fine with that. I’m also perfectly fine with people just dropping by and telling me how splendid I am.)

So, today, for the first time, I noticed that I had a spam filter, and that it had caught one thing, that I suppose was kind of spam, but the guy seems to have a point to make.

“The Lord said,
“The Lord has given a command to the enemies of the cross, wake up ye mighty men of war, prepare yourselves, come to the place where I shall slaughter you. Make weapons of war in your factories, say to yourselves that you are strong, assemble yourselves against my people, and the people of Israel.

I will judge you all as you surround Israel, your blood will overflow the land because your wickedness is great.”
“I will judge you in the valley of Decision, these are the end times spoken of by the prophet Joel 3 v 9-21. From Israel my voice shall be heard from the city of Jerusalem, it will be a time when the heaven and the earth will shake with a mighty shaking.

For war shall be in the sky and in the earth, the Christians will put their trust in Christ for they know that He is their hope and salvation, and Christ Jesus is the strength of the children of Israel.

By these things the world will know that I am the Lord Jesus Christ your God, who dwells in Zion my Holy mountain. “The people of Jerusalem will then be Holy. The wicked shall not be found in that land anymore. A time of great joy, and peace and prosperity will flow like a mighty river over all Israel, coming from the house of the Lord, and filling every valley.”

“The nations that have raised their hands against my people of Judah, and have shed their innocent blood, shall be made a desolate wilderness. My people will dwell in the city of Jerusalem, from generation to generation, for I will forgive them and cleanse them, for the Lord Jesus Christ dwelleth in Zion.” Thus saith the Lord.

This prophecy came to me in the morning of the third of December 07, Billy.”

Well, I’m happy that God has chosen you to be his prophet, Billy, and that you have found a means of passing on His word using the Internet. Perhaps you should contact somebody about having the Book of Billy put in the Bible… We’ll fit you in just after Revelation because this prophecy is related.

Ok. I realize that people like me are often called “militant” Atheists… but the last I checked I didn’t make any posts/comments telling people to go build weapons and prepare for a coming war on all theists with rivers of blood flowing and yadda yadda yadda… I actually hoped that people who wanted to actually stone people like me didn’t exist (which really was quite irrational to believe now that I think about it.) I’ve never actually seen one up until now and I can only assume that more will show up at my doorstep.

Anyway, the point is, I’d like to point out the contrast between me, a “militant” Atheist, and this guy.

Am I supposed to take this as a death threat?

And good luck starting your holy war, Billy. I have no intention of helping you start it. I’m content to have intellectual debates. Evidence is my ammunition, but I don’t actually want to gouge any eyes out… I hope you stop getting megalomaniacal delusions of grandeur at the thought of killing me and watching my blood flow through the streets of Israel and yadda yadda yadda.

Until then, enjoy your visions, but please stop searching for people and telling them your fantasies of shedding their blood. It’s not nice, and it really doesn’t help your cause any.


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  1. I always copy a sentence or two and search the web for it when I get something like this at Hell’s Handmaiden. In your case, it looks as though someone– Billy hisself perhaps– pasted an ‘Evangelist Billy Bolitho’ post into you comment box as if it where a comment. It is your call, but I’d call it spam. The way I see it, if Billy wants a conversation Billy can write a comment, not puke up some prefabricated speech.

    Take care.

  2. Hi and kudos on your articulate writings (you’re only 14???).

    Excellent point: “militant” atheists aren’t about to torture and kill people, as “militant” religion has done for centuries. But still, I would rather be known as a “Secular Humanist” (as opposed to being on the “nothing” side of a “something vs. nothing” debate).

    The “secular” part means we believe only in what is real (God is unreal, in the same league with Superman and Klingons). The “humanist” part means we judge things on how good they are for people (and other living beings) — which religion decidedly is not.

    As for the challenge, how about if I name my bike “Mohammed”?



  3. Billy has a whole blog (http://evangelistbillybolitho.blogspot.com/2007/12/prophecy-3-12-07.html). From looking at it, I’d say isn’t generally that bloodthirsty, just that pretentious.

  4. Hi you’re some nice people out there, you really need to come to Jesus soon, I’m sure you know how to, first repent, you certainly know you have done wrong.
    Since when have you been afraid of blood, don’t you watch tv.
    You say you do not believe in God, well I mean Jesus, the only true God.
    The Bible says only a fool says there is no God, so you do not have any excuse
    “Jesus said, The time is fulfilled, and the kingdom of God is at hand; repent ye, and believe the gospel. St. Mark 1:15”.

  5. Talk of “militant” atheists usually seems to come from folks who grew up wearing a uniform at school and singing “Onward Christian Soldiers”, and who consider themselves members of the “Army of God”.

  6. Don… Nicely put point.

    evangelistbillybolitha… quoting the Bible has no effect on people who do not already believe the Bible. You may as well quote Lord of the Rings. Or the Qu’ran. The Qu’ran says you ought to be a Muslim, so you have no excuse. What are you waiting for? hmmm… don’t much care what the Qu’ran says do you? Likewise with me and the Bible. See what I mean?

    So, in short, come up with something better than “You ought to believe something that you don’t believe because the thing you don’t believe says you ought to believe it”.

  7. Posted by Idetrorce on December 16, 2007 at 12:35 am

    very interesting, but I don’t agree with you

  8. […] the middle of the night and set fire to your Christmas trees. And, please, find me an atheist like Billy to help prove the existence of militant […]

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