I Am Atheist Enough For the Infidel/Teddy Bear Challenge

First off…

The Infidel Challenge, started by Thrawn…

“Today is National AIDS Day, apparently, and to celebrate I have decided to issue a challenge to all non-Muslims. The challenge is this: create a horribly drawn image of Islam’s prophet Mohammad, and display it in a public area. Yes, the Internet counts.”


Well, Thrawn… I’m Atheist enough.mo.jpg

Now, I as well would also like to announce the Teddy Bear Challenge. All that it entails is naming a teddy bear Mohammad, and saying so publicly. Yes, the internet counts. Include a picture if you like.

The point of this? No, I’m not obsessive over insulting Islam. I have a few Muslim friends… but if I want to insult Islam, it’s my right to insult Islam. If that teacher who was jailed had the intention of insulting Islam, it should be her right to insult Islam. The point of this is not to insult Islam… it’s insulting the ignunce that accompanies religiosity. In theory, if you aren’t too blinded by your faith, you shouldn’t take offense to this.

I have named a teddy bear Mohammad.

EDIT: If you don’t own a teddy bear you can go out and buy one, or name some other random stuffed animal Mohammad.


4 responses to this post.

  1. This is totally unfair. I don’t even OWN a teddy bear; what the hell am I supposed to do?!?

  2. Posted by a7gg10 on December 2, 2007 at 3:04 pm

    All i can say is glasgow scotland welcomes public disorder in the fight against this over the top charade about muslin fat bloke.

    I have named both pets moham in support


  3. I was not aware of the challenge you mention, but I suggested everyone name a pet Muhammad a few days ago in my post A Fish Named Muhammad. As you say, it isn’t my intent to insult all Muslims, only those that would kill me for my “blasphemy”. We can’t continue to cater to this group. If they find us offensive, they should look away.

    Thanks for adding to the solution. It is my hope that fanning the flames will burn up all the fuel. Or maybe it will burn the house down. Either way is better than the slow smolder that would suffocate us all.

  4. I have a teddy bear named Mohammed.

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