“He’s a very brave young man, and he’s standing firm for what he believes in.”


Ok, I’ll give you brave… But he’s not standing firm for what he believes in… he’s dead.

I should think that some people would be disturbed to know that a human being can refuse medical treatment as a minor because of a religion that it can be argued that he did not choose, having been indoctrinated by his mother. But I think that the most disturbing and sad part of this whole incident is that not only the judge, but also the doctors supported his decision.

Just in case anybody says that I should sympathize with the boy because I’m 14 as well and I have strong opinions, I do acknowledge that a great deal of what I believe now (including most of these blog entries) are things that I will quite possibly strongly disagree with when I’m in college and even later in life.

But no matter what age I am, I still have a fear of being brainwashed by bastards like the boy’s mum. I have told all my friends that if I ever join a cult, I’m giving them permission to get me back by any means necessary, no matter how many human rights they have to violate… as long as they don’t kill me. This is only the friends whose judgment I trust, of course…

But the point is, I have enough sense to know that sometimes the judgment of the people around me is better than my own, and I think that if there were some rational me existing outside of the body of a Jehovah’s Witness me, I would have desperately wanted them to stop me from killing myself.

And those doctors who supported him… I’ll tell you what. If I were a doctor, I wouldn’t care if I lost my job, if I got sued, or even if some sort of Jehovah’s Witness fatwa was put on me (if such a thing existed.) I would sedate the boy, and personally stick the damn needle in his arm.

It would be the right thing to do. If I’m going to kill him passively, I might as well be putting the bullet in his head myself.

Of course, a few years from now I might look at this post in retrospect and think that I was the next best thing to Hitler.


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